POW21 Pensioners on Wheels 2021

JOGLE? John O Groats to Lands End on bicycle

Who? Alan & Dale both nearly 62, friends since Durham Road Infants in 1963

Why? To raise money for the Ollie Young Foundation

Welcome to our website to support Alan & Dale’s cycle from John O Groats to Lands End starting June 21st 2021 We hope to keep you updated with details of training and fundraising initiatives. Please click on the links above to navigate the site. It’s early days yet so there’s only a small amount of information on there but over the next few months it will take shape. Please have a look but above all please donate if you haven’t already. The Ollie Young Foundation is a fantastic charity which operates without the overheads, paid fundraisers and CEOs of larger charities and raises money to fund paediatric brain tumour research. Our adventure is entirely self funded. All money donated goes directly to eradicating this awful disease