Day 2 – June 20, 2021

Well that was an interesting night!

We finally switched off the lights at 10:30pm to crash in our various beds. Thomas doing well at 5ft 10ins in a 6ft bed, Alan doing well at 5ft 10ins on a 6ft bunk bed, Craig at 6ft looking like a hunchback this morning after a night with his legs hanging off a low-slung bed that was 5ft 6ins at best!

The peace was broken at 4:15am after Thomas had risen for that normal comfort break only to realise that he did not know how to release the contents of the bowl after he had relieved himself!

After much cussing and muttering, Craig and Alan were both awake to issue instructions and after a fit of the giggles normal sleep was resumed.

To this morning, and after using some great shower facilities that will probably be better than anything else in the next two weeks, we finally set off and crossed the border.

Just stopped at the services on the M74. The guys insisted on a photo…

Alan insisted on wanting to buy this place for Deb. Craig and Thomas convinced him it was too big for the RV. ‘Ah well’ he said, ‘It’s the fort that counts!’

We continued on our way to our next services stop in Inverness where we encountered a lot of rain and the bridge over the Cromarty Firth and got the real feeling that we were passing further into the highlands.

But we knew that we were safely in the hands of Alan and his world-leading use of technology 😊

Next major stop in Wick before the last push for our next campsite.

We arrived at the Ferry View campsite in Canisbay, just 3 miles from John o’Groats.

It was an amazing journey through the highlands that really surprised all of us just by the size of the landscape and the sea views. 

Here’s Alan attaching our decal for the front of the RV at the campsite before we were able to enjoy the Italy v Wales match.

Off course, we managed to make ourselves suitably comfortable to do so!

Anyway, we are settling down for the evening now.

Last minute preparation has been done and we are ready for a great nights sleep.

Let’s get it done!

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4 Replies to “Day 2 – June 20, 2021”

  1. Well Dad, after what has looked like a great journey up, let’s look forward to hearing about a better and safe journey back down. Fantastic to do it and great to raise the money. Will pop something in the coffers. Well done again and good luck

  2. Glad you made it up there safely. Good luck on your Journey all down hill from scotland.🚲🚲