Day 7 – June 25, 2021

Hi guys. So last night we were in a nice campsite in Perth and the order of the day was definitely a delivery. We chose the best local Chinese and the result was enjoyed by all!

We all enjoyed another good night’s rest and our morning preparations took place with no real drama. It was Craig’s last day as support driver today and Alan had arranged a shorter leg at just 44 miles to give us an early afternoon finish and some more leisure time. 

The only early morning challenge was navigating the local estate where we could more easily join the cycle path into Perth City centre. Let’s just say that we got some pretty interesting looks as we cruised the locale! 😉

Alan and Thomas set off into the city at 8:20am for the days journey.

What an experience to travel through a city as it awakes from sleep.

We were not the only ones up early as we passed through the docks area and saw some early day activity.

A day wouldn’t be complete without ‘Alan’s Livener.’

As we left the city and began our journey to the first checkpoint at Kinross, we were met by a steep climb that caught us both by surprise. After some frantic gear activity we made it over the hill and enjoyed a nice freewheel through Craigend until we got to the place below.

Next stop…’Bridge of Eric??’ 😊

The next 3-5 miles gave us some new steep leg-breakers before we were able to stop and relax and take a few sips of fluid. 

As we stood there on our bikes and looked at the view below in Glenfarg, Alan came out with some serious deep-thinking…’Tommy, this is the business end now, no more games.’ At which point, Thomas couldn’t remember any sudoku, chess, GTA, or any other game being played over the previous 249 miles!! 🤣

We continued on our way to Kinross where Craig was awaiting us opposite the Green Hotel with some snacks and liquid refills. Once again, a really nice place and one to visit properly in the future.

Soon it was time to move on and someone wanted to show his excitement.

Soon we were embarked on our next challenge leaving Kinross and a section that we dubbed ‘The Kinross Climb and the downhill to Townhill.’

As the name suggests, it was a long drag uphill followed by a quick downhill semi-freewheel. At one point on the downside, we passed a sign that read ‘Scottish Bus Museum’. Thomas called to Alan, ‘Did you see that mate?’ ‘No’, was the reply. At which the answer was, ‘No worries, there’ll be another one in half a mile!’ 😂

Just before we arrived at our next checkpoint before we crossed the Forth Road Bridge, we were able to capture our next special picture…

Are you all still guessing guys? Where are we taking the next special snap?

When we arrived at the checkpoint, Craig hadn’t been idle and was surprised to catch on video something that we don’t see everyday.

We were soon refreshed and set off for the last leg of our short day. Alan and Thomas were excited because it was the crossing of the Forth Road Bridge and a chance to take some snaps at what they both felt was an amazing sight. Here are some snaps and video.

Finally we arrived at our campsite and it was a time for the changing of the guard. Scott has joined us to take over from Craig. It was only fitting that the ceremony of the ‘Handover of the Key’ should be recorded.

Alan and Thomas would like to thank Craig for being a member of the en route JOGLE team and for spending the last 7 days looking after two of the ‘older community’ as they get all the fun in pursuing their adventure.

Scotty….you’re up on the plate! 👍

Ok guys….tonight we are off to a local pub for some cold ones and some food. 😊

People are seeing the pow21 message. After talking to a lovely couple, David and Lynda, for just 5 minutes, they donated £20 to the cause.

Please spread the word. As at a few moments ago, pow21 had raised £5,626 without Gift Aid!

We couldn’t do this without you all.

Once again thanks for all your support and donations.

Signing off now. More news tomorrow…