Day 8 – June 26, 2021

Hi guys. Tradition has it that we should relay the details of the evening dinner of the day before. We ate at the Grapes in East Calder. It was a fine evening, sat outside under a warm heater and steak and guiness pies and fresh haddock were consumed along with a couple of cold ones. The staff were really interested in what we were doing and we got a nice share on their FB page.

The Grapes Village Pub

We were back at the campsite before 8:30pm and we had already turned off TV’s and lights by 9:00pm. We had a great night’s sleep. All of us slept until 6:00am this morning. 👍

The usual routine took over but with the added need to fill up on our services for tonight’s overnight stop at a pub car park rather than a serviced campsite. We also had to do some running repairs on Thomas’s bike which had damaged a spoke. No need for anything more than duct tape at the moment. 🤞

Thomas doing his bit 😉

And as these times often require, a hero returned to perform that one job that nobody else wants! 

We set out at around 09:15am today for our first leg of a 57 mile journey to Moffat. The first section to the first checkpoint would take us 15 miles on what would be Scotty’s first test!

Some course adjustments were made the evening before and after a confusing start in Livingston when it often felt that we were on the wrong track (not quite Alan’s livener), we finally found our way en route to our first checkpoint at Auchengray where we expected to meet Scott.

True to the plan and as we expected, Scotty came through his first test. Having also been on a shopping trip for various items he was there well before us and ready with refreshments. Happy days! 

He did take the opportunity to introduce his own brand of humour to the JOGLE event! 😊

It was just after this checkpoint that we got the best surprise of the day.

Thomas did the Marathon des Sables in the Sahara Desert in April 2013. On the last day he shared the last 4-5 hours with a certain Scottish gentleman.

Imagine the shock when he showed up riding the other way! 

Scot Colquhoun has been following the blog and decided to set off from home at 6:30am today, for more than an hour’s car journey, to get to a point where he could joinus for the ride. In the end we spent more than 30 miles together.

It was a fabulous surprise and great to have someone join us for the experience. Thank you Scot…from all the team!

After so many photo opportunities yesterday, today was somewhat less spectacular. Overcast, cold weather, through undulating terrain whichoften required nothing more than head down and get on with it.

We did however see an interesting sight and a different way to look after your pets.

Yes, that is a cat on a car roof, and attached to it on a lead!😉

People continue to see the pow21 and the OYF message. 

You may remember our night in Kingussie at the roadside stop. We met a gentleman there who was stopping in his truck overnight and eating dinner on the table next to us. He took our details and promised to donate. Imagine our delight when we woke up this morning to see that he was true to his word! Thank you so much Steve Wilson! 😊

Please spread the word. As at a few moments ago, pow21 had raised £5,656 without Gift Aid!

We couldn’t do this without you all.

Once again thanks for all your support and donations.

Signing off now. More news tomorrow…

3 Replies to “Day 8 – June 26, 2021”

  1. Morning guys, what a lovely surprise and such a wonderful thing to do to have a friend turn up and ride with you…
    If you’re friend reads this it’s a big thank you from me Ollie’s Nanny xxx

    Just read the blog but can’t see any pictures!

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s .. take care.

    • Lovely to meet you Barbara, (albeit virtually), your particular connection makes it very personal. Thank you.