Day 15 – July 3, 2021

Hi guys….well as per tradition here we go! 

We had a recommendation from the campsite for us to eat at the Marina at the side of the site. It was excellent! We ate vegetable curry (our driver Billy not the riders!), rump steak and lasagne….not just any lasagne but The Mighty Big Lasagne! And we remembered to take the photo. 😉

We had our usual morning routine to follow and at 8:30 am we were ready to roll. The first checkpoint was at 17 miles in a place called Over and we expected the day to be around 66 miles of effort.

Because of the heavy rain, a mudguard was needed for Alan’s bike and Thomas being the true friend that he is pitched himself into the darkness to find the required article. He didn’t expect Alan to be filming him!

The first section was pretty miserable. As we set off the rain was teeming down on us and it was like that for all of the first section. We were in need of some sustenance by the time we met Billy at checkpoint 1 and he did indeed seem like the Childcatcher out of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang offering Alan cream cakes!! 🤣

We set our next checkpoint to be at Berkeley at a distance of about 24 miles and here we got some great surprises. 

Firstly, some great friends from the village of Burghfield, where Thomas lives, had driven all the way to meet us in Berkeley! It was a great surprise and a great lift for Alan and Thomas. Here’s some snaps. 😊

And even a video as we entered the village. 😊

Guys….thank you so much for making the effort to be with us. Much appreciated! 👍

But that wasn’t the only surprise. Billy’s son Richard and family had also driven out to Berkeley to meet us! And Richard then joined us for the final leg into Avonmouth. We were being properly treated today! 👍😊

During the last section, we encountered the first mishap of the whole JOGLE. Thomas hit a bit of wet mud and took a fall. Completely unhurt, with just a few grazes, Alan persuaded him to lie back down again so that a photo could be taken! The things we do for dramatic effect! 🤣

We also found the place for our next special picture.

We hope you are working it out! 😉👍

And there was more to come again!

When we arrived at the end of the day, Alan’s family were there to give us an amazing welcome! It was fabulous to see the kids and their welcoming signs.

And even though he had been with us a couple of days, it was time for the formal handover of the keys between Billy and Mark, Alan’s son, who now takes up the driving duties. 

People continue to see the pow21 and the OYF message.

This morning, Jody, the owner of our campsite from last night waived her fees. Thanks Jody….really appreciated!

But please continue to spread the word. As at a few moments ago, pow21 had raised £6,591without Gift Aid! And we have another £240 in the bucket.

We couldn’t do this without you all.

Once again thanks for all your support and donations.

Tomorrows journey is from Avonmouth to Sampford Peverell, expected to be another 73miles.

This evening we are with family in Newport, our hometown. And to be honest….we’re having a great time. 😊

Signing off now. More news tomorrow…

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  1. Hope you had a good night in the Port. Best of luck for the final leg both, super impressed with your efforts. Stay safe lots of love Stef and Caron xx