Day 19 – July 7, 2021

Hi guys….well as per tradition here we go! 

Guess what? Chinese! No delivery so Mark and Alan had to drive into Perranporth to pick up the food while Thomas was trying to find a wifisignal to write the Day#18 Blog. Once again, we adapted and overcame….and cold beers and tasty takeaway was enjoyed by all!

We set the alarm as usual to 6:00am and we all awoke to torrential rain. We decided to lie-in for another 30 minutes in the hope that it might calm down enough for us to do all the outside tasks, like uncovering and oiling the bikes. In the end it was more than an hour and a half before we could do anything productive outside the shelter of the RV.

But it is as it is….and we got prepared in our wet weather gear and set off finally at 8:45am for our first and only checkpoint at Penzanceafter 36 miles. We had decided to go large and then enjoy a last run in to Lands End of about 12 miles.

And before we left, we made sure to deliver our last special picture. And here it is.

Come on guys….you must have it all worked out by now? 😉

The first 7 miles were atrocious. The rain was heavy and we counted four of what we have lovingly called ‘Alan’s Liveners.’ We had a joke at one stage after a hill that we agreed was the best part of a two mile climb. We had a long downhill freewheel, followed immediately by a 12% uphill climb. That was then followed byanother small downhill and then a hill with so many twists and turns and different inclines, that the only appropriate signage at the bottom would have been…’There be dragons beyond!!’ 😢😂

We saw this sign at one point and our Garmin was telling us to go towards it. Google Maps was showing it several miles in completely the wrong direction! So we took a decision to ignore it. Even though it had a personal connotation for one of us! 😂

We set off for Penzance via Helston, ditching Garmin and entrusting our fate to Google. We were trying to avoid the A30 and the A39 because both roads have fast-moving traffic and the rain was heavy. 

At first all was well and Alan and Thomas took some shots of the cathedral in Truro whilst on the way.

But inevitably, Google led us to the A39. We stayed on it for around 2-3 miles at which point, as we reached a roundabout after only around 15 miles travelled, and with the rain absolutely torrential, this happened. 😢

Alan had another puncture. 

There are times when you look at each other and you can think that things are stacking against you. No chance! Alan got on with the tyrechange, Thomas told the JOGLE team and set a new course away from the A39 and on a new set of back roads. As our new musical best friend, Willie Nelson, would say…we were …’Back on the road again!’ 😊👍

We endured another two hours of uphills and undulations and then we were descending into Marazion and Penzance.

On arriving in Marazion, we smelt the sea for the first time, at which point though both riders were excited, Thomas got carried away, shouting ‘HELLO!!!’ to all and anyone out walking their dogs or tending their gardens. 🤣It was all Alan could do to get away from him!!

Well….he was excited!

The checkpoint was a quick one in the car park at Sainsbury’s Penzance, and in less than 15 minutes we were on our way to our final destination at Lands End. 

There was some more ‘lumpy ground’, to use Alan’s terminology, before we got to Sennenand the last mile or so before the true end of our journey. Before we finally set of on that last mile, we stopped and thought about the previous 19 days. Some private words were spoken, and as a summary, we both agreed that it had been a heck of a journey since an idea only in February, that led to such a great adventure and such good funds being raised for such a good cause.

It was a fantastic emotional experience to cross the line and see our family and friends waiting for us. 

Please take a look at the photos from our finish. No words required 😊👍

And finally….the picture that says start and finish. 😊👍

We have travelled 960 miles in 16 ride days, 60 miles average per day, climbed 46,924ft…or 8.89 miles, at an average speed of 11.7mph. 

See! Pensioners can ride bikes! 😉

We would like to thank all of our drivers, Mark being the last, for giving up their time to be with us and support us amazingly along the way.

We would also extend our thanks to all the JOGLE team and our families who have made this possible. Our thanks as well to the team at OYF for all their support.

Let’s finish the mystery of where we have been and why we went there.

We highlighted 10 places or signposts along the way. Here they are.• Occumster• Loch an Eilein• Logierait• Inverkeithing• Ecclefechan• Yanwath• Oldbury• Uplowman• Nanstallon• Goonhavern

Spells Ollie Young! 😊

The only person that we know who has won is Ollie’s nanny, Barbara.

Well done Barbara! 😊

People continue to see the pow21 and the OYF message.

We have received nothing but best wishes and goodwill along the way. People have been genuinely interested in Ollie’s story and why two old farts should be doing what they are doing. From anonymous online donations, to generosity where people have waived fees for us, or just wandered up and dug into their pockets, and filled the magic bucket. Times have been hard for all the well-known reasons.But it hasn’t stopped good folks doing something good. We thank all of you for that.

In particular, at the end of the JOGLE, we have endured 3 difficult days in Devon and Cornwall. It has been the sting in the tail. Endless hills, torrential rains, fierce winds, Strava issues, and punctures. But never once did we take the easy option. We could have made a phone call to the RV and asked for a pick up and a lift to help us out. But that was never in our minds. Our goal was only to finish, and finish in style. The Young Family never gave up, so why should we? 😘

So please continue to spread the word. As at a few moments ago, pow21 had raised £7,730 without Gift Aid! And we have another £423 in the magic bucket. This means without the Gift Aid, we have so far collected £8,153! We have crashed through the £8k barrier! Amazing! 

Thank you so much!!! 👍😁

We couldn’t do this without you all. Your support has been through both funds and through your time. We can’t thank you enough for helping us to make this happen. To see friends turn up on the way, send messages from all over the world, and see people who were complete strangers, commit themselves to some crazy video antics 🤣 …it’s been so uplifting.Thank you. 

We can’t set expectations about tomorrow’s journey, because we don’t have one on two wheels. We do have one to go home to our family and friends and to a life that is something a bit more normal than the last 19 days. 😉

We have enjoyed every single aspect of it immensely. Doing something for a cause that came about because of something awful that happened to a normal family and that could potentially happen to any one of us and our loved ones.

We called this adventure POW21, Pensioners on Wheels 2021.

There is no reason at all why we could not follow this with POW22. 

Why not?

Watch this space…..

POW21 signing off….stay safe everyone….more news whenever! 👍

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  1. Absolutely fantastic, well done and never in doubt. Very impressed, if I could do it I would be a happy man. I am really not sure how I am going to cope without the blog. Can you just carry on doing one anyway …. Once again very very well done and I am sorry I missed you this time last week in Stourport, I would have been there.