POF22-Pensioner-on-Foot BLOG Day #4

Day 4 – July 25, 2022

Hi guys…well as per tradition here we go with the daily update from the POF22 adventure. This is the day after the 3 Peaks and is the beginning of the long walk home from North Wales to Berkshire.

And as per POW21, we know that you are concerned that we are eating well. So here we go…. Fish and Chips for Alan and Steak and Ale Pie and chips for me at The Sun Trevor Inn. It was delicious.

Here is our route for the day, one that we actually followed to the letter. Good planning Big Al!

Mon 25th July Llangollen to Whitchurch

Overnight stop Sun Trevor Pub Sun Bank, Llangollen LL20 8EG Confirmed by messenger. Let them know when we arrive

 Drive to Llangollen Towpath  Llangollen LL20 8BN  7mins ///items.respects.repayment


Pontcysyllte Viaduct

1st Break Chirk Bank LL14 5BY ///barmaid.ticked.pheasants  10.3 miles



Lower Frankton

2nd Break Junc Ellesmere Road Onston Farm SY129HJ ///fuels.thank.allowable 19.3 miles

Blackwater Meadow Marina


Bettisfield Rd Betttisfield 25.6 miles

End Junc  Platt lane SY132PA Whitchurch ///magazine.spits.cookbooks  29 miles

Stay  Abbey Green Farm B&B, Camping and Touring Park
Whixall, Whitchurch, SY13 2PT  Booked + Paid
Telephone: 07972093741   7 mins away


Alan was ready….

I was ready…..

The canal was ready….

Well what could go wrong? Well pretty much actually nothing! Just a minor hiccup with a collection bucket that will become clearer later!

Until today, I had only ever seen an aqueduct on TV. And now I have happily walked across two of them. And what a nice experience it was. I had no appreciation of just how high they were…amazing.

The first one pictured below in the next four pictures was at Pontcysyllte, and the hand below I believe sets out all the local companies that helped to build it. The views were amazing.

It was just after crossing the aqueduct and at our first check point that we had our first walk up donation and first chat with locals who asked what we were doing and why. I had a lady and gentlemen ask me about the challenge and the charity and then give me a donation.

Alan had a lady who rocked up and asked him, ‘What’s it like to drive a campervan?’!! After the initial surprise, Alan regained his composure and gave a detailed explanation about narrow lanes and turning circles and the challenges of navigation without a fully-working Tom-Tom.

The lady responded, ‘My sister is living with me now and has no sense of adventure.’ And with that she set off with no mention of the charity or any donation. Even though he is such a babe magnet, this was looking like a bad omen for Big Al.

And sure enough….it was. We had forgotten the OYF donation bucket.

So the challenge was set…how do you turn this….

…into something that looks more appropriate to collect donations without raising any undue suspicion?

Alan, after seeking advice from our trusted POF22 whatsapp group, decided to go it alone.

The result was inspiring!

A perfectly camouflaged beer box with beautiful clean gift paper and a little slot in the top for donations. And we shouldn’t be churlish at all by mentioning that the paper and the writing thereon, is actually upside down! Who cares? Top man, Big Al! 😊

It wasn’t only the aqueducts that provided points of interest. As I set off from the check point I came across the tunnel below that was as long as any canal tunnel I’ve ever been in.

The second aqueduct was at Chirk and once again it was an absolute pleasure to cross it with the fabulous views from the top.

One of the challenges of the day has been the towpaths.

This is a quite common warning from my experience today. It was great to have Alan come out and walk the last mile on a couple of occasions before the check points and for him to see that the towpaths are not perfect at all, even if they are flat and nobody ever got run down by a barge!

It was nice to see as well that a good sense of humour belongs to some of the locals living by the canal side!

And who even knew there was a Mammoth Tower in Shropshire? I wish we had time to visit properly.

Anyway, Alan and I met at the prearranged location. Actually Alan came out and met me on the canal which was great. He was easy to spot in the distance with his OYF shirt and cap. Who else but me and him are dressed like that! 😊

We had enjoyed a good day. A distance of 28.2 miles covered and no mishaps. And all over before 5pm this evening. We are on a campsite tonight and both of us enjoyed a nice hot shower before beers and dinner. A job well done for the day.

To all of our supporters of The Ollie Young Foundation, please keep in touch and thanks for any support that you can offer the charity. Nothing is too small, everything is appreciated. Please remember the text number too Just text OYF £5 to 70085 The amount is up to you Many Thanks


Dale & Alan.

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