Day 6 – July 27, 2022

Hi guys…here is todays update on our Day#6 of POF22.
Todays journey was an adventure that eventually was 29.6 miles walked, travelling from the south of Market Drayton to Wonbourne to the south of Wolverhampton.

But first…our tour of fine dining continues.

Big Al had the bacon cheeseburger and crispy beef to start. I had halloumi fries with chilli sauce followed by a classic gammon, egg and chips. All of this courtesy of the Four Alls pub in Woodseaves, Market Drayton.

This was our planned route for the day.

Wed 27th Market Drayton to Womborne
Start Tyrley Road Market Drayton TF92AH ///country.riverbank.acoustics
Main Road 6.2 miles
Grub Street 7.9 miles
1st Stop The Navigation Inn Newport Rd, Gnosall, Stafford ST20 0BN ///ribcage.edicts.hobbit 12.2 miles
Broad Lane 13.8miles
Slab Lane 16.1 miles
Lapley road 17.5 miles
Port lane 21.2 miles
2nd Break Pendeford Hall Lane. Coven, Wolverhampton WV95BD /// 23.6 miles
Hordern road 26.7 miles
Windmill Lane 28.8 miles
Langley Lane 30.5 miles
Finish Round Oak Inn, 100 Ounsdale Rd, Wombourne, Wolverhampton WV58BU ///adults.erase.inner 32.7
Stay Round Oak Inn Confirmed Sean (Let him know when you arrive)

The day started brightly. Nice and cool and crisp and I took off south towards our ultimate destination to the south of Wolverhampton, when this happened.

You can see this is marked at Bridge 58-57, and I had only just started at Bridge 59. There had been no advance notice so this was unexpected.
I had to go today all the way to Bridge 1 on The Shropshire Canal so this was not the best start.

I spoke to some people passing by on a barge who had already passed the area and they said, ‘Go ahead, you can push through it and climb over the obstruction.’ So I did, for almost a mile, and it’s true, with a pair of waders and a machete it might have worked!
At one point I thought I was an extra in Lord of The Rings! Especially with this large bridge structure towering over me.

But alas, I had to turn back. This is what stopped me.

But when you have Big Al standing by…no issue.

I made my way back to the van and we jumped in and navigated around the problem and rejoined the canal at Bridge 55, allowing me to push on again.
And then things became far more straightforward as I trecked through some fabulous countryside and saw some really nice things.

And as you might expect there were a number of nice pubs along the route that unfortunately I was unable to stop at and enjoy.

I was also fortunate to meet a lovely couple on the way with their lovely dog. Jenny and Iain Little, and Roma, thank you so much for your kind donation. It is very much appreciated by all at OYF.

Unfortunately not all the wildlife during the day was doing so well. This was just one of the dead fish that I saw today along the canal.

But it was nice to capture a heron just before it took off. Quietly looking for any water movement that would betray a small fish.

Finally, I reached the junction of the Shropshire Union Canal and the Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal. At this point I turned south, following signs to Stourport and my ultimate meet up with Big Al.

Then the fun started.

I sent Alan a message telling him where I was, after I received a note from him saying he was walking out to meet me. I proceeded to move down the canal, but there was no sign of my partner in crime.
I decided to stop and send him the number of the bridge that I had just reached.
Then the message arrived…’I fudged up. I’m right behind you. Keep going.’
Now folks I have to tell you, the junction of two canals is not insignificant and is well signposted, as you can see in the photo below.
But hey, somehow Big Al had proceeded north of this major piece of engineering a few minutes before I got there and turned south! 😊

Anyway, I waited and 15 minutes later I was joined by a sweaty and soaked (it was raining by now) Big Al and together we finished our journey.

So, overall a difficult start to the day but thereafter it was pretty straightforward. The paths were a little better so no feet or leg issues today for me. We did cover 29.6 miles and no injury mishaps. The day finished much later at almost 7:00pm.
We are at a local pub this evening and will have a good filling of local hearty food.

To all of our supporters of The Ollie Young Foundation, please keep in touch and thanks for any support that you can offer the charity. Nothing is too small, everything is appreciated.
Dale & Alan.

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