POF22-Pensioner-on-Foot BLOG Day #7

Day 7 – July 28, 2022

Hi guys…here is todays update on our Day#7 of POF22.
Todays journey was a slightly shorter adventure that eventually was 24.4 miles walked, travelling from the south of Wombourne to the first stop on the Oxford Canal, new for us, our fourth, at Newbold, near Lutterworth.

Let’s start with our traditional reporting on our evening dining.
Well, sad to say, for the first time on the trip, we forgot to take the photo before the meal. So you couldn’t see my Hunters Chicken or Big Al’s Lasagne. But we did capture my dinner partner with a forlorn face because he couldn’t manage the last chips!

It was nice to receive our first visitor from the POF22 additional support team when Gerry Melody, my elder son’s father-in-law, joined us for drinks.

And for the older football fans among you, that is not Jimmy Greaves in the front!! 😊

Our route today meant jumping into the van after two sections on the Stafford&Worcester canal and moving over to the Oxford canal at Exhall.

Thurs 28th Wombourne to Newbold
Start. Round Oak Inn, 100 Ounsdale Rd, Wombourne, Wolverhampton WV58BU ///adults.erase.inner
Bridgenorth road Stourton 7 miles
1st Break Windsor Holloway, Whittington, Kinver, Stourbridge DY7 6NS ///sunblock.permanent.backswing 9.6miles
Wolverley rd 13miles
Castle road Kidderminster 15.3 miles
2nd Break Junc Manor rd Stourport on Severn DY139DW ///firmly.care.lame 17.7 miles
Drive to Exhall Get on Canal at 360 Aldermans green Road CV21NN ///pitch.bulb.dads
Ansty Golf Centre
Colehurst Lane 5 miles 23 total
Brinklow road 6.7 miles 24.7 total
Finish Newbold Junc Brownsover road CV211HL ///rush.games.soap 10.2 Miles 28.2 total
Stay Caravan and Camping Manor Farm, Main St, Catthorpe, Lutterworth LE17 6DB Booking ref MFC/519/557 10 min drive

Things started out well on the first 9 mile stretch to the first check point with lots to see in a nice cool breeze.

The above snaps are of a strangely named lock called Stewpony, with a very interesting, tunneled way to get through it on foot…or with horse I guess.

And it’s not just the older architecture or engineering that tells a story along the canal. I stopped and wondered for a few moments about the time and effort and love that went into something much more modern caught in the photo below.

We are all making memories and leaving legacy all the time, every day. And it struck me that this gentleman had done just that.

The rest of the trip on the way to Kidderminster passed quite quickly as I was very lucky to have towpaths that were well kept and even gravelled for most of the time.
You can see from the above two snaps that there were also some interesting houses along the way as well.

The second row of houses above, sits permanently over a long stretch of canal, quite unusual I thought.

I don’t know what the background of this gentleman might be, and when I asked he didn’t answer!

Closing in on Stourport-on-Severn, I met Guy, who couldn’t believe that we had walked from Llangollen in just 3 days. 😊 Guy very kindly phoned in a donation for the cause.

And then a little further on, after following a diversion for a closed canal path, I met Louise, Rocco and Marley.
Rocco, the bulldog, made his introduction by smelling my shin and then proceeding to rub his slobbery nose and mouth up the back of my calf. Hey Rocco…I am no cheap date!!

Louise is an athlete herself who has run 100 miles from Birmingham to London for charity so we had a natter about nutrition and hydration before I was on my way.
Louise and the doggies had made a donation even before I reached Stourport. Thanks guys! 😊

The rest of the first part of the day finished without issue and we set out for Exhall. I have to be honest, with the superb, smooth, no last-minute lane-changes of Big Al, I did doze off for 20 minutes of the 90 minute journey. And if you believe all of what I just wrote, more fool you! 😊

And this is where we got our first surprise of the day. Another visitor, who walked a couple of miles with me.

This is Karen Hawcutt, my uncle’s partner and a keen walker herself, who had business in the area and wanted to join us for a short while.

As we set off, and after not more than a quarter of a mile, Karen and I met Barry Swain.

Barry is a true character who told us that he had worked for more than 40 years on supporting and maintaining the local towpaths.
He reached in his pocket and gave me a handful of coins apologising that he didn’t have anything more to donate.
It was a touching moment already that only became more amazing when he said, ‘Guess what I’m known for?’
Karen and I looked at each other knowing that this was going to be one of those special moments….and it was!

Barry did a headstand! And then proudly announced, ‘Not bad for a 79 year old!’ Then he asked how old I was, and after hearing my response of a mere 63 years next week, he scoffed, and called me a young ‘un.

Brilliant memory of the day!

The remainder of the trip started to get difficult with a towpath getting quite difficult in places as you can see below.

Big Al came out to meet me about two miles from the van and the rest of the day finished well. Time for local food and a few beers and day #7 was done!

To all of our supporters of The Ollie Young Foundation, please keep in touch and thanks for any support that you can offer the charity. Nothing is too small, everything is appreciated.

Dale & Alan.

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  1. Hi guys,
    Another great read and beautiful pictures, and like last year some truly amazing people who have donated…

    Thank you all… 💙⭐️