Day 9 – June 27, 2021

Hi guys….well it’s the tradition now.

Yesterday evening had the team dining at the Old Stables Inn at Beattock where we also spent the night in the RV.

Fine fare was enjoyed consisting of steak and black pudding pie, gammon, and chicken and macaroni cheese. As ever, all washed down with a couple of cold ones.

The evening passed uneventfully and we all had a great night’s sleep of at least 8 hours. We were up and about at 6:00am and were kitted and prepped for an 8:45am departure.

Our first checkpoint today was at Lockerbie, a distance of 15 miles in an overall day that was planned to stretch to 65 miles.

We set out in bright sunshine, without the wind or wet gear and suitably covered in a good sun cream. It was glorious. The weather was with us at the start of the day and in the end stayed that way all the way to Penrith. We had some overcast clouds here and there but generally we have had a fine day.

The first checkpoint was at Lockerbie, where we took some time to visit the Lockerbie Memorial.

We paid our respects and then moved on to the journey to the next checkpoint that would be our first in a new country…England!

On the way out of Lockerbie, we saw how the local wildlife stays out of the sun….all very orderly. You have to look closely but there are sheep lying in perfect order under the line of trees. It was warm, but no more than 18c, but even they are not used to the sun!

As we went on our way we came across the place for our next special picture.

Who’s still in the game and guessing why these pictures of random places is so special? Come on guys….where might we go next? 😉

On the way out of Eccelfechan we found a photo opportunity that was too good to resist. It could have been our nirvana…..but we chose to ride on by. We don’t need a retirement village yet! 😂

We were now well on the way to reach the border by passport through Gretna. We had a few Garmin gremlins that confused us for a few moments but we were very pleased to transition to a new country. 

Footnote: Thomas had asked Alan early morning…’Shall we cut the lawn today, or ride a bike for 32 miles and cross the border into another country?’ No choice really. 🤣

We had passed out of Scotland and into England on our 7th day and after 382 miles in the saddle. We are feeling really good! 👍🤞

Thank you Scotland, we have had a lot of fun and some great experiences. It’s been a pleasure.

As we approached Scotty at checkpoint#2 he did the honours and caught our arrival on camera. 

The route to checkpoint #3 at Raughton’s Head passed by with no incidents of note with Alan and Thomas enjoying some great undulations or dips in the road that they overcame by charging down the one side to coast up the other ‘roller-coaster style’!

We did face one obstacle for which we decided that patience was the watchword. 😉

And so it was on to our overnight destination just outside of Penrith.

We have arrived, showered and relaxed and have our next meal on its way to us in the next hour. It’s an evening for footy, a couple of cold tins and an early night yet again! 😊

People continue to see the pow21 and the OYF message. 

Last night at dinner in Beattock, a lovely gentleman on the table next to us, introduced himself and gave us a donation for the cause. His name was Vincent Price, a Welshman from Llandovery, who told us that his mother named him this way because he was a horrific baby! You can imagine the banter when 4 Welshmen start a discussion! 😂

And this evening on arrival at the camp, a lovely couple on the next pitch to us, George and Audrey, welcomed us in off the bikes with another donation for our magic plastic bucket! Thanks to Vincent, George and Audrey. It is very much appreciated. 😊

Please spread the word. As at a few moments ago, pow21 had raised £5,656 without Gift Aid!And we have another £75 in the bucket.

We couldn’t do this without you all.

Once again thanks for all your support and donations.

Signing off now. More news tomorrow…

Day 8 – June 26, 2021

Hi guys. Tradition has it that we should relay the details of the evening dinner of the day before. We ate at the Grapes in East Calder. It was a fine evening, sat outside under a warm heater and steak and guiness pies and fresh haddock were consumed along with a couple of cold ones. The staff were really interested in what we were doing and we got a nice share on their FB page.

The Grapes Village Pub

We were back at the campsite before 8:30pm and we had already turned off TV’s and lights by 9:00pm. We had a great night’s sleep. All of us slept until 6:00am this morning. 👍

The usual routine took over but with the added need to fill up on our services for tonight’s overnight stop at a pub car park rather than a serviced campsite. We also had to do some running repairs on Thomas’s bike which had damaged a spoke. No need for anything more than duct tape at the moment. 🤞

Thomas doing his bit 😉

And as these times often require, a hero returned to perform that one job that nobody else wants! 

We set out at around 09:15am today for our first leg of a 57 mile journey to Moffat. The first section to the first checkpoint would take us 15 miles on what would be Scotty’s first test!

Some course adjustments were made the evening before and after a confusing start in Livingston when it often felt that we were on the wrong track (not quite Alan’s livener), we finally found our way en route to our first checkpoint at Auchengray where we expected to meet Scott.

True to the plan and as we expected, Scotty came through his first test. Having also been on a shopping trip for various items he was there well before us and ready with refreshments. Happy days! 

He did take the opportunity to introduce his own brand of humour to the JOGLE event! 😊

It was just after this checkpoint that we got the best surprise of the day.

Thomas did the Marathon des Sables in the Sahara Desert in April 2013. On the last day he shared the last 4-5 hours with a certain Scottish gentleman.

Imagine the shock when he showed up riding the other way! 

Scot Colquhoun has been following the blog and decided to set off from home at 6:30am today, for more than an hour’s car journey, to get to a point where he could joinus for the ride. In the end we spent more than 30 miles together.

It was a fabulous surprise and great to have someone join us for the experience. Thank you Scot…from all the team!

After so many photo opportunities yesterday, today was somewhat less spectacular. Overcast, cold weather, through undulating terrain whichoften required nothing more than head down and get on with it.

We did however see an interesting sight and a different way to look after your pets.

Yes, that is a cat on a car roof, and attached to it on a lead!😉

People continue to see the pow21 and the OYF message. 

You may remember our night in Kingussie at the roadside stop. We met a gentleman there who was stopping in his truck overnight and eating dinner on the table next to us. He took our details and promised to donate. Imagine our delight when we woke up this morning to see that he was true to his word! Thank you so much Steve Wilson! 😊

Please spread the word. As at a few moments ago, pow21 had raised £5,656 without Gift Aid!

We couldn’t do this without you all.

Once again thanks for all your support and donations.

Signing off now. More news tomorrow…

Day 7 – June 25, 2021

Hi guys. So last night we were in a nice campsite in Perth and the order of the day was definitely a delivery. We chose the best local Chinese and the result was enjoyed by all!

We all enjoyed another good night’s rest and our morning preparations took place with no real drama. It was Craig’s last day as support driver today and Alan had arranged a shorter leg at just 44 miles to give us an early afternoon finish and some more leisure time. 

The only early morning challenge was navigating the local estate where we could more easily join the cycle path into Perth City centre. Let’s just say that we got some pretty interesting looks as we cruised the locale! 😉

Alan and Thomas set off into the city at 8:20am for the days journey.

What an experience to travel through a city as it awakes from sleep.

We were not the only ones up early as we passed through the docks area and saw some early day activity.

A day wouldn’t be complete without ‘Alan’s Livener.’

As we left the city and began our journey to the first checkpoint at Kinross, we were met by a steep climb that caught us both by surprise. After some frantic gear activity we made it over the hill and enjoyed a nice freewheel through Craigend until we got to the place below.

Next stop…’Bridge of Eric??’ 😊

The next 3-5 miles gave us some new steep leg-breakers before we were able to stop and relax and take a few sips of fluid. 

As we stood there on our bikes and looked at the view below in Glenfarg, Alan came out with some serious deep-thinking…’Tommy, this is the business end now, no more games.’ At which point, Thomas couldn’t remember any sudoku, chess, GTA, or any other game being played over the previous 249 miles!! 🤣

We continued on our way to Kinross where Craig was awaiting us opposite the Green Hotel with some snacks and liquid refills. Once again, a really nice place and one to visit properly in the future.

Soon it was time to move on and someone wanted to show his excitement.

Soon we were embarked on our next challenge leaving Kinross and a section that we dubbed ‘The Kinross Climb and the downhill to Townhill.’

As the name suggests, it was a long drag uphill followed by a quick downhill semi-freewheel. At one point on the downside, we passed a sign that read ‘Scottish Bus Museum’. Thomas called to Alan, ‘Did you see that mate?’ ‘No’, was the reply. At which the answer was, ‘No worries, there’ll be another one in half a mile!’ 😂

Just before we arrived at our next checkpoint before we crossed the Forth Road Bridge, we were able to capture our next special picture…

Are you all still guessing guys? Where are we taking the next special snap?

When we arrived at the checkpoint, Craig hadn’t been idle and was surprised to catch on video something that we don’t see everyday.

We were soon refreshed and set off for the last leg of our short day. Alan and Thomas were excited because it was the crossing of the Forth Road Bridge and a chance to take some snaps at what they both felt was an amazing sight. Here are some snaps and video.

Finally we arrived at our campsite and it was a time for the changing of the guard. Scott has joined us to take over from Craig. It was only fitting that the ceremony of the ‘Handover of the Key’ should be recorded.

Alan and Thomas would like to thank Craig for being a member of the en route JOGLE team and for spending the last 7 days looking after two of the ‘older community’ as they get all the fun in pursuing their adventure.

Scotty….you’re up on the plate! 👍

Ok guys….tonight we are off to a local pub for some cold ones and some food. 😊

People are seeing the pow21 message. After talking to a lovely couple, David and Lynda, for just 5 minutes, they donated £20 to the cause.

Please spread the word. As at a few moments ago, pow21 had raised £5,626 without Gift Aid!

We couldn’t do this without you all.

Once again thanks for all your support and donations.

Signing off now. More news tomorrow…

Day 6 – June 24, 2021

Hi guys, well a blog wouldn’t be quite right if we didn’t finish off the story from last evenings dinner.

I am pleased to say that we didn’t meet Large Marge as feared…she was conspicuous by her absence. 😊

Actually, even the owners dog wasn’t interested in us!

But they were great hosts and the diner proved to be a welcome oasis after the pressure of the Cairngorms.

We settled down for fish pie, sirloin steak and a juggernaut burger all of which were washed down by cold Tennent’s lager. It’s fair to say that they didn’t touch the sides! 

The footy was on the TV and we met some great local truckers who were good company and very supportive of our efforts.

Last minute phone calls were made home with this amazing backdrop behind us and then all of the team had a very good nights sleep.

The team is disappointed to report that the Deet for the trombone player did not work so the morning began at 5:57am in the traditional way!

Breakfast and tablets were consumed and taken, the bikes prepped, kit was put on and at 8:30am the day began with an 18 mile flat ride to the first checkpoint.

After 15 minutes, we met the first challenge and opportunity for humour. Thomas swallowed a fly which he swears was carrying a full rucksack and copious amounts of coughing and spluttering were required to get rid of the offending insect. Alan could not resist the photo opp.

Once again the famous ‘Alan livener’ made its presence known early in the day. When we got out into some open track in what was basically a gulley between two mountains, we faced 13 miles of strong headwinds over an undulating terrain. Scotland always giving us surprises!

It was a pleasant surprise to pass in front of the Dalwhinnie Distillery even if we couldn’t actually visit.

The last two miles to the checkpoint were like gravel tracks and were quite unforgiving to ride on. Craig caught the riders arriving at the checkpoint.

The next part of the ride was the drop down to Pitlochry and our next checkpoint. It was an exhilarating reward for the previous day. We calculated that we actually free-wheeled for c.10 miles! We really enjoyed it! Though we did stop at Blair Castle for a quick snap.

Onwards to Pitlochry and the rain was beginning to spit even before we arrived in the town centre. What a really nice town! Definitely one to properly visit in the future.

Out of Pitlochry, and the rain really decided to come down. Alan and Thomas were both well-protected but they soon became pretty soaked.

We did however take some pics on the way. The first one is special photo number#3. We know that some of you are already working it out. But where will we go next?

We have seen some interesting bridges among other things on this trip and here’s another that we crossed.

Alan in his ‘They shall not pass’ mode 😊

And here’s the explanation of how the Tay Viaduct came to be.

By the time we got to our last checkpoint at Dunkeld the heavens really had opened but still we saw some fabulous sites and views. Some wildlife…lots and lots of sheep…go figure…and one very proud ‘Foghorn Leghorn’ who did his best to intimidate us!

And then Alan took a great video showing the River Tay in all its glory. A fabulous ride on a bike track running through some amazing landscapes.

As ever when it comes to our navigation there is always a sting in the tail. And today was no different.

When we were approaching Perth and only 6 miles away, we met the dreaded roadworks and diversions again. We couldn’t figure out exactly which way to go in the Perthshire countryside. And once again we threw ourselves at the mercy of the locals, whether they be construction workers or residents. And once again they came through for us. As we finally pulled up at the rendezvous with Craig, (we had to meet him in the town and transfer to the camp in the RV), we took a count of what our diversions had caused us.

We had set out this morning knowing that the perfect journey would have been c.66 miles. We checked our Garmin as we loaded the bikes on the back of the RV and we were at 71 miles. Our diversion had cost us a mere 5 miles!! 😊

Hey ho….we got here in the end….

Once again thanks for all your support and donations. We couldn’t do this without you all.

Signing off now. More news tomorrow…

Day 5 – June 23, 2021

Well we have to begin with news of the dinner from the evening before and tell you what delights we ate. Craig took his trip to the local kebab shop and return with the biggest bag you can imagine.

And when we put it all together with the handmade, chicken bake pasta that someone called Mr Asda made for us this is what we enjoyed!

And then a Mr Corona lent us some packaging so that we could innovate and watch the England game….we did so, quite literally on the box!

Anyway the night passed very comfortably and we all got a great nights sleep. Only point of note: Craig will look in Boots today to see if we can buy some special Deet to deter the bloke who comes into the RV each morning to practice the trombone!!

This morning a hero within the RV came to the fore. When you see the next photo, those of you with any inkling of experience of camping will know immediately why Alan became the main man this morning!

Before we left, we met another hero. Pete, who manages the campsite, helped us affix the other decal to the back of the RV with a pallet and tiewraps. Cheers Pete!!

And so the day began, in front of us we had calculated more than 65 miles and 3600ft of climb across the Cairngorms. We fuelled up, got prepared and set off for what we all thought was going to be the toughest day yet.

And we weren’t disappointed. The first 5 miles were a very long uphill drag until we got to Tore on the way to Inverness. It was one of Alan’s ‘liveners’ again!

It got even more interesting when we ran into diverted traffic signs before Inverness. We were diverted right down to the sea level knowing that we had to anyhow get over the bridge over the Inverness Firth. And that bridge was towering over us.

You guessed it…..a very steep hill to get us under the bridge and then back up to the cycle lane on the opposite side to where we wanted to be! Anyway, we overcame that challenge and here are some pics.

Our troubles were not yet over. On the other side of the bridge, we had no option but to join the A9 for 1 mile before we could pick up the bike track to Culloden. It was like cycling on the motorway! Pretty scary, but we got to the right path in the end….or so we thought.

Then our Garmin decided that we weren’t following its instructions and started to play up! So we relied on the locals who pretty much directed us to the rendezvous with Craig and the RV. Funnily enough…we approached him from the opposite direction that he was expecting! What an interesting first section and what should have been 18 miles had turned into 20 already!

After the stop at Culloden the fun really started. We were on the road to pass through Tomatin and reach our personal summit target at Slochd. Nothing much to say about that other than we battled through 2 hours of constant climbing. But we made it… 😊

It was great for Alan and Thomas that Craig was able to capture the moment of triumph. It was sweet!

We then enjoyed a fabulous downhill run into Aviemore where Craig was waiting for us with refreshments.

From there we had to put on our waterproofs because the weather had turned a little showery but nothing too bad.

So, you remember the special photo from Day#1 of the ride? Here’s the second one.

Keep thinking guys. What could this mean and where might we go next??

We finally rolled into Kingussie at around 5:45pm this evening and Alan took the opportunity to share with you just what an amazing journey this has been.

We arrived at our destination this evening at almost 6:00pm exactly, having set out at 9:30am today. It was a long day but we all feel exhilarated. It was a great feeling to cross the Cairngorms and do it on such a good weather day overall.

Tonight we are staying in a truck stop at the side of the A9.

For those of you who have seen Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, you won’t be surprised that we are all fearing meeting Large Marge this evening!!!

If you haven’t seen the clip, have fun finding it on YouTube!! 😊

So we are all cleaned up, ready for our roadside diner dinner that we are all sure will be an experience! 😊

Once again thanks for all your support and donations. We couldn’t do this without you all.

Signing off now. More news tomorrow…

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Day 4 – June 22, 2021

Yesterday evening was passed with a very nice dinner at the Bannockburn Inn in Helmsdale where we ate local delicacies such as the NC500 Burger (NC being North Coast and 500 being the distance it covers), Rob Roy Chicken and Rib Eye Steak. Well one of us wasn’t getting into the spirit of things! 😊

Then we had a ‘bed watch’ of the footy and the lights were switched off nice and early. 

The early morning activities were certainly disrupted today after all realized that we weren’t actually on a campsite with all the ‘facilities’ that a campsite affords an individual. Let’s just say that at one point Thomas was screaming for help in how to use the RV convenience, only to be told by the other travellers that they couldn’t hear him! Zoe Ball in the morning has never been played so loudly!!

We set off around 9:00am knowing we had 57 miles in front of us before we got to Dingwall and our next overnight stop. Alan and Thomas knew we were in safe hands with our driver Craig 😊

This was the road ahead of us as we set off this morning. Somehow, Alan and Thomas had felt that they had crossed this bridge before!

The weather all today has been amazing. We have had the sun all day with continuous gentle breeze. The ride has been through some absolutely spectacular scenery where we hugged the coast all the way to Golspie. During that section of the trip, we were so pleased to receive two donations from local people who were so generous and had seen our riding outfits and also the great work that Craig had done in fixing our decal to the front of the RV.

We took some great shots along the way. This first one was on the beachfront at Golspie.

Alan and Thomas posing, and then filming a wildlife spectacular like David Attenborough!

But Thomas caught him out 😊

In fairness, this is what he was filming….pretty spectacular.

During our crossing of the Dornoch Firth, Craig decided that he wasn’t really interested in any future inheritance when posting this mickey-take of his poor old dad. ‘Dad decided to swim the one section….’ 😊

But in all seriousness, some of the views we have seen today have been stunning. Take a look at this as one that we selected for you.

Alan was so impressed that he made me film him! 😊

Anyway all, we have arrived at our site where apparently one of the conditions of stay is that ‘Heavy petting should be avoided’!!!

We have all had showers, tended the bikes, and are now getting set for an evening of food…not sure where or what yet…a couple of cold ones and the footy.

Thanks so much for all your support. So far this evening we have raised £5,336 to date. We couldn’t do it without you! 

Tomorrow takes us to the Cairngorms and through the famous site of Culloden with the longest distance so far at 64 miles and 3676ft of climb which is also the biggest yet. So we will need our rest tonight!

Signing off now, till tomorrow. 😊

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Day 3 – June 21, 2021

The last sounds in the RV on the evening before were two grown men enjoying their favourite chick-flick….Pretty Woman. No names shall be mentioned! What happens in the RV, stays in the RV!

The night passed with some light winds and some rain showers around 4am. We are all now experts at using the inhouse WC!

So the morning wake up was at 6am, followed by the pill routine (well two of us are pensioners after all!), then a hearty healthy breakfast was had all around. Craig was soon busy ensuring the routes and checkpoints were understood by all.

After family calls, chamois cream, bibs, vests, jackets and kit were all finally suitably in place, it was time to set off in fine sunny but windy weather to the famous Lands End start point. 

This probably wasn’t an auspicious start, but we ended up down a one track path in the RV going the wrong way. After a few friendly expletives, the course correction was made and we found the famous place.

Craig took the first photo and for some strange reason we felt that we had got something not quite right?? 😊

We finally found the right start for our c.950 mile journey that would start with a first leg of 54 miles, over both pleasant rolling countryside and some challenging climbs, taking us from John O’Groats to Helmsdale.

Footnote: we could have called it a day there and then as some lovely people came up to us at the start and congratulated us for getting there. It was only under duress that we had to admit that we hadn’t started yet! 😊

The first 5 miles were what Alan calmly called ‘a bit of a livener!’

The sun had vanished, but not the wind. And the wind had been joined by driving rain. It was not very inviting but we battled through and things became quite pleasant. It’s fair to say we saw a good mix of weather on our first day.

And we knew that someone was at least watching over us for a while…

The first checkpoint passed without incident but that was soon to be changed after checkpoint 2.

But first, for all of you to take part in the POW21 JOGLE game.

Here is the first ‘special’ photo. You may quickly guess why.

But through the adventure we will post more ‘special’ photos, and we want you to guess which placename on our journey may be the next ‘special’ one.

We left Craig and set off down the road towards the next rendezvous when this happened…..

Moving towards a long line of traffic approaching us, a 4×4 decided to overtake and move into our lane. This is the footage from Alan’s bike camera. We saw it in good time and stepped onto the verge and were in no danger, but it just goes to show we need to keep our wits about us.

The overall ride itself gave us some marvelous views in some amazing countryside. 

The last half of the ride became much tougher with two particular climbs between us and Helmsdale. Alan battled his way up both of them, Thomas had to push the last half of both of them! But we got there and were particularly encouraged by Craig at the last checkpoint who had very kindly bought us Booster Brownies to help our energy levels, just after having eaten his own kind of booster….a double bacon cheeseburger 😊

The final drop into Helmsdale was exhilarating as we got back all the pain of the previous climbs. We cruised downhill at around 30mph excited to arrive at the Bannockburn Hotel, Helmsdale.

Imagine our dismay at seeing the sign, ‘You are now leaving Helmsdale, thank you for driving safely’.

Some words were exchanged, and to settle the peace, we decided that neither Thomas nor Alan were to blame. We had just happened to book an overnight in the car park of a hotel that only appears, ‘Brigadoon- Style’ every 200 years!

We found it in the end and are now cooling down and relaxing for a nice meal, a bit of footy and an early night before Day#2.

Thanks for all your support!

Signing off for the day 😊

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Day 2 – June 20, 2021

Well that was an interesting night!

We finally switched off the lights at 10:30pm to crash in our various beds. Thomas doing well at 5ft 10ins in a 6ft bed, Alan doing well at 5ft 10ins on a 6ft bunk bed, Craig at 6ft looking like a hunchback this morning after a night with his legs hanging off a low-slung bed that was 5ft 6ins at best!

The peace was broken at 4:15am after Thomas had risen for that normal comfort break only to realise that he did not know how to release the contents of the bowl after he had relieved himself!

After much cussing and muttering, Craig and Alan were both awake to issue instructions and after a fit of the giggles normal sleep was resumed.

To this morning, and after using some great shower facilities that will probably be better than anything else in the next two weeks, we finally set off and crossed the border.

Just stopped at the services on the M74. The guys insisted on a photo…

Alan insisted on wanting to buy this place for Deb. Craig and Thomas convinced him it was too big for the RV. ‘Ah well’ he said, ‘It’s the fort that counts!’

We continued on our way to our next services stop in Inverness where we encountered a lot of rain and the bridge over the Cromarty Firth and got the real feeling that we were passing further into the highlands.

But we knew that we were safely in the hands of Alan and his world-leading use of technology 😊

Next major stop in Wick before the last push for our next campsite.

We arrived at the Ferry View campsite in Canisbay, just 3 miles from John o’Groats.

It was an amazing journey through the highlands that really surprised all of us just by the size of the landscape and the sea views. 

Here’s Alan attaching our decal for the front of the RV at the campsite before we were able to enjoy the Italy v Wales match.

Off course, we managed to make ourselves suitably comfortable to do so!

Anyway, we are settling down for the evening now.

Last minute preparation has been done and we are ready for a great nights sleep.

Let’s get it done!

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Day 1 – June 19, 2021

The day started with a 6:00am alarm to give us time to load and secure the RV. We were up and at it and were soon busy packing our designated sides of the cupboard areas with snacks, drinks, lycra, underwear and funny creams and oils! Time passed pretty quickly and by 8:00am the major items were packed safely away and we had also securely mounted the bikes on the back of the van. As you can see in the clip below, we also made some special arrangements for our drivers 😊.

Our support team members, Craig and Scott turned up on time at 8:30am just as Debs arrived from the local bakery with bacon and sausage baps. It was looking like a good start to the day! 

Suitably refreshed, and having created some JOGLE launch photo opportunities, it was time to say our goodbyes and head out the gate on our adventure. 

Lancaster Services – M6…..

Screw the bikes…..we decided to ask the owner if he would swap so we could go just a little quicker…..

The request was politely denied!

So we arrived in Carlisle at our first stop without further incident. Cracking place to stay and the first people we bump into are only from Magor….which is less than 6-7 miles from where we grew up in Newport. And it turns out that we knew loads of people in common. After a great catch up for 30 minutes we ventured off to dinner and a couple of cold ones.

Gosling Bridge Inn Pub in Carlisle Flaming Grill | Greene King Local Pubs (

Now back at the camp, the bedding is prepared, footy on the telly, and just chilling for the first night.

Apparently all three of us have that certain habit of generating noise at night…..not looking good for any neighbouring campers within 50 yards!!

That’s a wrap for the day guys!

See Day 2

New Cycle Jerseys Have Arrived!

Two things happened this week. The JOGLE jerseys finally arrived and Alan and Dale finally got out and cycled together. With Covid and the distance between Newport and Wokingham preventing a get together we at last had a photo opportunity and managed to get over 40 miles in through the leafy Berkshire suburbs Beautiful conditions to cycle in, perhaps not replicating the Cairngorms with a Force 10 Hoolie blowing you backwards!